Toledo, Ohio News

Port of Toledo Handled More Cargo In 2017

Officials at the Port of Toledo say that the port handled 16% more cargo in 2017 than it did in 2016. The significant rise in cargo handled has been attributed to the rebound in iron ore traffic, which more than doubled in 2017 from the previous years. Additionally, the Blade reports that the iron ore by weight accounted for about than a third of all the weight handled at the port last year. Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority pegged the weight handled at the port at 9.6m tons. Moreover, the port seems to have bright prospects heading into the future owing to the increase iron ore activities. For instance, Joel Cappel, a port authority reckons that the planed hot-briquetted iron which is slated to be opened in 2020 will further boost the port’s business.

A Snowmobile Crash Claims Two People

Two people struck a dock near the Ottawa River while riding a snowmobile. Jakob Smith, 20 and Jessie Smith, 33 were traveling on river Friday evening. Later that evening the two were involved in the fatal accident. The police were called to the scene but when the crew arrived, the two were announced dead at the scene.

Toledo Moves A Step Closer To Making Medical Marijuana Available

Toledo has moved closer to having a medical marijuana dispensary available after the Toledo City Council voted to approve a special permit for Glass City Alternatives LLC. The council was voting on the land use issue. In the end, council member voted 10 for and 1 against, leaving the dispensary proprietors with only one obstacle remaining – the state license. The license could be issued in as little as one, leaving only one other license up for grabs. Lucas County has only two licenses to for medical marijuana dispensaries.

However, community members are concerned about the security of their community, considering the fact that the dispensary will only operate on a cash basis.